In addition to producing and marketing a wide range of products, Rogama also provides services in the development of exclusive formulas suited to the needs of its customers and offers specialized labor in the formulation of household cleaning products and veterinary products. Therefore, Rogama has a structure capable of serving industries in national and international parameters, further consolidating its market potential.

With the need to provide highly qualified services, meeting strict quality standards, Rogama is constantly upgrading to better serve its customers.

The factory has an ISO 9001/2008 certified management system. Rogama has licenses from the Ministry of Health - ANVISA for household products and also from the Ministry of Agriculture - MAPA for veterinary products.

Estrutura da fábrica

Handling, packaging and packaging of household sanitizers, veterinary products and cleaning products.

  • Outsourcing

  • Integral production of products with own brand.

  • Development of new products

  • Technical support for development of new processes or applications.

  • New Releases

  • Execution of pilot lots for new products.

  • Line Tests

  • Execution of operational tests for new products.

Why Outsource?

  • Reduction of costs

  • Mainly fixed costs with salaries, social charges, physical space occupied within the organization and expenses with equipment and machinery.

  • Focus

  • The company will concentrate its resources and efforts in its own productive area, in the area in which it specializes.

  • Scratchs

  • Often non-essential functions can become critical and require specialized intervention.

Third Party Management

Our compromise

  • Adherence to the contractor's vision and mission

  • Development of the third (management, security and technology)

  • Partnership with affinity and synergy, attuned to the culture, permanent values, practices and requirements

  • Partnership and profitability (win / win)

  • Ability to manage relationships with security and confidentiality

Colaborar para transformar o negócio

Collaborate to transform the business

Our compromise

We seek a long-term partnership associated with the strategy and mission of the contracting company with the maximum and reciprocal degree of confidence, always evaluating productivity, cost reduction, process efficiency, competitive advantage, profit, innovation and creation of new markets.

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